My first book deal by Zoë Foster Blake

I am on inspo overload at the moment. That is to say, I am feeling mighty inspired right now! Lately I seem to be attracting incredible people, websites, and situations into my life which show up right at the exact time I need a little cheeky reminder to stay true to the path I have chosen for myself; the path to one day (hopefully, fingers crossed!) becoming a published author. A proper one, with a book and everything.

Who knows about being a hugely successful author better than Zoë Foster Blake? (Great name, and no sadly we are not related) The lady who wears many caps, e.g. author, blogger, wife, columnist, beauty guru, recently sat down with radio gal Monty Dimond for her new kick-arse website, Show and Tell, to chat about all things work, love and life. The video interview is broken up into several parts. In the clip I am sharing with you, Zoë discusses how she got her first book deal, a subject that has long fascinated me. I just love hearing the various journeys in which writers have travelled in order to LAND THE BIG ONE.

At just 25, Zoë decided to write what she knew – a story about a beauty editor, which would eventually become Air Kisses, her début novel. After securing an agent, she went on to get four “no’s” in a row from publishers. Gut-wrenching yes but, and this is the important bit,  rather than let it get her down, she freely admits that at the time she didn’t really care. In her words, she just wanted to write and “get all her stories down.” Perhaps it was due to this meh attitude that two publishers ended up in a bidding war for her book. Nice one!

Of course, Air Kisses did get published and BAM six books later Zoë is now a best-selling author so there must be something to be said about this whole meh approach. If you (and I) can take anything away from this frank and funny chat then let it be this – try and forget about the end game, about whether your book will get published one day or not, and just learn to enjoy the ride. In fact, learn to love it. Because let’s face it, the process of writing a book is the reason we chose to do it in the first place.

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+ Plus, check out Zoë’s blog fruitybeauty

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