Too many tabs open

Too many tabs

Nothing is perfect, so what are you waiting for?

This is the question I have been struggling with for pretty much my whole life. I never thought of myself as a perfectionist, but maybe I am at least in some ways. Definitely not in the my house has to be spotless or this meal has to be perfect kind of way. But perhaps when it comes to my creative pursuits, which is why I am ashamed to say it’s taken me over a year and a half to do something with this blog *headdesk*.

When I launched it back in 2013 (seriously!) I had no idea what I wanted to do with it or what I wanted to say. Despite years of blogging for other people and companies, I got scared about what it really meant to put myself “out there,” whatever the hell that means. What would I blog about anyway? Fashion? Photography? Green smoothies? Funny cat memes? I got so caught up and paralysed by this crazy notion that you needed to have something really worth saying to justify blogging about it.

Which is total bullshit, obviously.

The interwebz is full of people spouting off about all sorts of crap. Put simply in nerd terms, my brain had waaaay too many tabs open. I got myself all in a tizz when this whole time the answer as to what I should blog about was staring me straight in the face – writing. Duh!

I’ve been a writer my whole life. I’ve been a professional blogger (as in they paid me with actual money), social media producer, copywriter – you name it I’ve probably done it. But the type of writer that I am yet to add next to my name is author. Probably because I’m not one… yet.

So here I go. Blogging about writing and my somewhat terrifying attempts to become a published author. Deep breath…

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