The Writer’s Day Job


Ah, yes. The Day Job. Most writers have one irrespective of whether they are published or not. I think most writers would agree that even if you are lucky enough to score a book deal, today’s high cost of living means the prospect of cheerfully handing in your resignation, dramatically declaring “I quit!” and spinning on your heel to storm out à la Bridget Jones style, just simply isn’t financially possible.

IRL (that’s In Real Life for you oldies/non-geeks) I’ve actually got it pretty good. My day job as a digital copywriter at a fairly iconic Australian brand is perfect for me because it’s a writing job #winning. Although not strictly a creative writing role, it does allow me to hone my craft, which is ace because as we all know practise makes perfect. My day job mostly involves writing zingy ad copy for EDMs, websites, a blog, and various social media channels. It’s great and I really enjoy it.


Believe me, I know how fortunate I am.

Especially when I could be doing virtually anything else (e.g. expert wine taster / professional shoe shopper / Taylor Swift back-up dancer) but writing for a living. In fact, with the exception of a brief time when I was working as a receptionist at a hairdressing salon, most of the jobs I’ve had throughout my career have involved writing in some aspect. Over the past ten years, I’ve been a fashion blogger (a paid one, true dat!) a PR assistant churning out press releases and online marketer churning out digital copy. Even during the salon stint I was secretly compiling stories on the side that I’d hoped might one day turn into a taxicab confessions-style tome loosely titled Tales from the Salon Chair. So, yeah… I never quite finished that one.

That said, this annoyingly persistent dream to become a full-time author continues to nag me. And while I’m not about to give up the day job anytime soon (boss, if you’re reading this you have my word!) I still hang onto hope that one day I might be able to call myself one, at least on LinkedIn, before crying into my keyboard because I can’t afford to pay my rent.

Want to know what other writers do for their day jobs? Then you need to check out this regular feature called ‘Writer’s Other Jobs’ from The Writer’s Bloc. It’s gold! It’s also comforting to read what so many other writers are doing for a crust while scribblin’ on the side. This piece by Rebecca Varcoe about her work life at age 15, 18 and 25, made me LOL heartily. Yep, LOL.

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