One Broke Girl


Is anyone else feeling the pinch right now? Ouch, I feels ya.

With some pretty may-jah expenses lurking around I’m not exactly flushed with the coloured paper right now (that’s Aussie bank notes, in case you’re confused). I ain’t lying when I say I got cashola coming out the wahzoo! But it’s all good in the hood, literally. I’m moving house so the majority of the big ol’ expenses are related to that. And it’s ultimately for the best. It’s a good move, a fresh start, a new chapter, et cetera.

That being said, it does mean cutting back on a few luxuries for a little while like cooking at home instead of eating out and buying cask wine instead of the posh bottled stuff. Kidding, kind of. With this in mind it has made me think about all the stuff that’s available and still FREE to enjoy, which sadly is a rare find these days. Because I’m skinted not minted, here are a few of the el cheapo things I’m loving and discovering right now:

  • Meditation: Don’t worry I’m not about to go all woo-woo on you. But if you’re looking for some calm amongst the chaos, this 21-day free online meditation course from Deepak Chopra and the big O (that’s Oprah, yo!) is worth a look.
  • Web series: Although it’s now moved to a half-hour scripted show, the very funny Broad City first started out as a web series. I also strongly urge you to check out The Katering Show, an Aussie web series about two Kates – one who is food intolerant and the other who is intolerably foodie – that’s snort-inducingly hilarious. The Thermomix episode kills me every, single, time. See what I mean here…

  • Podcasts: If Podcasts are more your thing then I’ve heard just a couple of gazillion people go on about Serial. I myself haven’t yet jumped on the bandwagon and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Writers, one Podcast worth tuning into is So You Want To Be a Writer by Valerie Khoo and Alison Tait at the Australian Writers’ Centre. It’s full of helpful tips, resources, news and nifty interviews with authorly types.
  • Reading: Remember books? Yep, they still exist and if you haven’t got the dosh to buy one or have no friends to borrow off, then there’s these other things that still exist called public libraries. You’ve probably not set foot in one since 1993, but nothing much has changed and best of all they’re free. If eBooks are more your flavour (you techie thing, you!) then check out Amazon’s Kindle Daily Deals for books at a super reduced price, or search for free eBooks on various sites.
  • Cooking: Who am I kidding? I leave that stuff up to the boyfriend. Got him trained real good that one.

Are you digging something that’s costs zilch right now? Tell me about it or try one of above suggestions. Go on, give it a go you cheapskates!

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