Funny Ha Ha Flicks to Watch in 2015


Films are funny. Well, the ones I like usually are. As you can probably tell from the amount of Bridesmaids GIFs that appear on this blog, I’m a sucker for a flick that gives me the LOLs. If I had a choice between a horror or a rom-com movie I’d choose the rom-com errytime.

It makes sense.

Comedy is at the heart of what I like to write and read. Some of my favourite babes also happen to be funny babes, e.g. Mindy Kaling, Tina Fey, Miranda Hart, those Broad City broads, who are all stonkingly brilliant comedy geniuses. So needless to say, in addition to Zoolander 2, which is due for release next year (I die!) I am mega-excited about a few funny films that are coming up this year. Here are just a couple to keep bookmarked in your brain…


Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow. Need I say more?


This little British indie film looks like a peach. Starring Lake Bell (as a Brit, thumbs up!) and Simon Pegg, it tells the story of Nancy, a single gal who is mistaken for a stranger’s blind date and winds up having the night of her life that is until the truth is exposed. Sounds like the stuff rom-com dreams are made of, doesn’t it?


Two estranged sisters, played by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, throw one last party at the house, which their parents are about to sell. I mean Tina + Amy… I’m expecting big things.


Based on a novel by an actual teenager, The DUFF is a teen comedy that tells it like it is. For instance, did you know that DUFF stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend? Kids are so mean. This flick looks smart and sassy, although I’m yet to be sold on the concept of the insecure high school girl turning to the asshat quarterback, who called her a DUFF in the first place, to help make her less DUFF-y. I just hope there’s enough backbone (and laughs) in it to make it click.


I couldn’t wrap this up without a Kristen Wiig mention. Despite making some real stinkers lately – Friends with Kids, Imogene – ick! – Wiig seems to have returned to form with her next film, Welcome to Me, which is already getting some positive reviews. Kristen plays Alice, a woman with borderline personality disorder and an obsession with Oprah, who wins the lottery and decides to spend the cash on her own cable access talk show. As you do. Of course it ain’t no Bridesmaids, but then again nothing could be.

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