The Coolest Anti-Cool Girl writes a book

Rosie Waterland bookRosie Waterland is one of my favourite humans.

Not only is she one of the funniest writers on the interwebz, whose articles for Mamamia makes me snort tea on a regular basis (her Bachelor recaps are next level LOL), she’s also a survivor. As a former Houso kid, who grew up with addicts for parents, Rosie has risen above a lot of crap to get to where she is today, which is one of the most straight-up honest (see this) and hilarious (see this) writers going around.

So, the news that Rosie has been busy penning a memoir, The Anti-Cool Girl, set for release on August 28, excites me a whole lot. According to the HarperCollins website, it’s:

“A dark, funny and subversive memoir about surviving the very worst that life can throw at you, Rosie Waterland’s story of her coming of age is a blackly comic Australian memoir for our times and a clarion call for all anti-cool girls everywhere.”


“She is our Caitlin Moran, our very own Lena Dunham, and she will tell a uniquely Australian story, in only the way that a straight-talking Australian girl can say it.”

Sounds good, yes? Put a calendar reminder in your phone stat.

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