A Game Called Waiting


Very quickly I’m realising this whole ‘writing a book’ dream is less about the actual writing and more about the waiting. And the thing is, I’m crap at waiting and I’ve barely dipped my toe in the pool. Gah! At the moment I’m waiting for the workshopping notes to come back from my writer’s group on my manuscript. It’s the first time I’ve shown the full she-bang to anyone so naturally I’m terrified and biting my nails like I always do when things get a bit stressy.

After receiving feedback from my group on the first 20k words, which was mostly positive, and finally listening to that niggling feeling about what wasn’t working, I cut a mega 30K from the back end of the story (I know, I nearly died) then spent the next few weeks rewriting. While I’m a lot happier about the state of the ending, I’m feeling a bit meh about the middle. But due to being on deadline and at the point of no longer wanting to even look at my MS (ya’ll know what I’m talking about!) I left the meh bits and sent it off for workshopping. I know I’ll have to come back to fix these bits, and I’m sure plenty of other bits later, when I receive the group’s feedback and get stuck into draft no. 3.

Sigh… will a writer ever be truly happy with their work? Or will they forever be seeing stuff they’d like to change or tweak?

In the meantime, I have three manuscripts from my fellow classmates to provide feedback on and a bunch of random ideas and notes to start compiling for Book 2, which I keep ignoring because I have to focus on Book 1. Don’t you love/hate it when new characters keep trying to get your attention? When you’re forced to say “look you, while I’d love to stop and have a chat right now I can’t, could you possibly come back later?”

Every writer/agent/publisher/book-person will tell you that if you’re not okay with waiting then you’re probably in the wrong game.

I blame the Internet.

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2 Responses to A Game Called Waiting

  1. Oh yes, the waiting game. We love that don’t we? So great to read about how things are coming along for you! Well done on taking the step to share your work. All steps to move you forward! 🙂 Hope November treats you well!

    • Kimberley says:

      Aw, thanks Vanessa. I’m happy to say the final feedback from my teacher and class was really encouraging and has given me the boost I need to polish it and finally submit it to agents/publishers. Lots more waiting and nail biting ahead! Also, I’m loving your new podcast – congrats!