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Newsflash: I’m now a co-host of a podcast. I know… what the?

I’ve been chomping at the bit for the past couple of weeks waiting to announce this news and now I finally can. Woo! The lovely Vanessa Carnevale, fiction writer/writing coach/podcast KWEEN has kindly allowed me to join her podcast, Your Creative Life. A weekly show that helps writers connect with their creativity via intimate conversations with other writers, authors and creative entrepreneurs. Each week, Vanessa and I will be taking turns at chatting with a different guest about their creative life, as well as sharing tips and insights to help other creative types feel uplifted and inspired.

She's having her baby coverI’m so excited to bring you my very first podcast! This week, I interview journalist and contemporary women’s fiction author, Lauren Sams. Lauren’s hilarious debut novel, She’s Having Her Baby, about female friendship and fertility, was published by Nero Books early last year. Currently, she is working on the sequel to SHHB, and in our chat she discusses how she overcame the challenges she faced with writing her second book (spoiler alert: it was the Pomodoro Technique – get onto it!)

In addition to writing very funny books, Lauren is also a freelance writer and editor who has worked at Cosmopolitan, Cosmopolitan Bride, Girlfriend, and delicious. She’s also written for publications like ELLE, marie claire, Daily Life, Mamamia, the Sydney Morning Herald and Good Food. Impressive, huh? Lauren worships at the temple of Nora Ephron (YASSS!) is never without a book and cannot start the day without coffee.

I had so much fun chatting to Lauren and hearing all about her journey to publication. I hope you’ll find our chat enlightening and entertaining. If so, we’d really appreciate it if you left us a review on iTunes and/or subscribed to the podcast.


Listen to the episode here.

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For Vanessa’s blog post about getting through a first draft visit: Ideas on How to Get Unstuck In the Middle of a Manuscript Draft

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