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JennyBravoquoteWhat a week! Where did it go? Can it really be June already? Gah! Annnyway, in this week’s episode of the Your Creative Life podcast Vanessa and I are all about THIS incredibly honest and moving blog post from YA author, Ellie Marney.

As a slashie (aren’t we all?), Ellie is an author/teacher/YA advocate/wife/mum and carer who recently took time out of her crazy schedule to blog about what it really means to fit the writing in around everything and everyone else. So inspired by her transparency on the subject, Vanessa and I felt compelled to touch on a few of the strategies Ellie uses to cope with all the stuff and how they relate to our own lives.

JennyBravo_coverAlso in this episode, Vanessa chats with writer and blogger Jenny Bravo, who is as passionate about coffee as she is about breathing. She has published three contemporary romance books in the last year, including These Are the Moments, and is the founder of Blots & Plots, a motivational website for writers and readers. Jenny is a big supporter of indie authors and people in general. Yay Jenny!

During the interview, Jenny talks about her decision to self-publish her novels and the pros and cons of choosing this path over traditional publishing. She also discusses how building an online tribe has influenced her creative writing journey.

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You can find her books and the resources she mentioned during this episode here:

The Ultimate Self-Publishing Resource Guide

These Are the Moments

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