Cassie Hamer explains what’s it like to query


With the Your Creative Life podcast, Vanessa and I are passionate about bringing you interviews with writers at all stages of their careers. We do this to offer a real-life look at the creative process from those who are living and breathing it day-to-day. Rarely do we have the opportunity to hear what it’s really for writers in the ‘querying trenches,’ putting their work out there with the hopes of getting published.

This week, book blogger Cassie Hamer joins us on the podcast to talk to Vanessa about what it’s like for a fledging fiction writer (I hear you, Cassie!) including the ups and downs on what can often be a long and lonely journey. Her honesty about what it feels like to deal with rejection offers tue insight into the struggles writers face. At the same time, I’ll think you find what drives her to keep on going also hugely inspiring.

Who is Cassie Hamer?

Cassie has a background in TV journalism and public relations but these days prefers to write fiction rather than fact. She lives in Sydney with her young family and tends to write a lot of stories in her head while walking around Centennial Park. Occasionally, she writes them down. In 2015, she launched a blog about books and writing at

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The ups and downs of querying and how Cassie deals with this.
  • Her unique approach to reviewing books on
  • The importance of reading and her contribution to helping more people read.
  • How reading has improved her writing.

Also mentioned in this episode:

  • Vanessa and I discuss the feeling of resistance and how it can impact our writing lives.
  • How to recognise resistance and the different forms it can take.
  • How journalling and meditation have helped us to overcome feelings of resistance.
  • How carving out a solid chunk of time, whether it be a weekend or a night away (or a week off, if you can swing it!) to concentrate on your work-in-progress can do wonders for your productivity.

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