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Authors and readers, who are fascinated by the world of book blogging, will definitely want to tune into episode #036 of the podcast. On the show, I interview Stephanie Pegler, the founder of Chicklit Club, a book blogging site dedicated to news, reviews and author interviews. Launched in 2007, Chicklit Club has grown over the past decade to include 3,500 reviews of books mostly under the umbrella of women’s contemporary fiction. Steph also publishes two other blogs – We Heart Writing, for those looking for inspiration and writing tips, and Connect, an online hub where authors share guest posts on a range of topics.

During the interview, Steph talks a lot about why she loves the ‘chick lit’ genre, how it has evolved and her thoughts on why the term ‘chick lit’ continues to attract so much disdain. As a long-time advocate for women’s fiction, who has seen it all, she also shares her views on what trends have come and gone and what she sees taking off at the moment.

Who is Steph Pegler?

breedarcy_coverSteph is also a freelance journalist and an author. Her debut novel, Don’t Mention the Rock Star, was published last year under a pen name, Bree Darcy. During our chat, Steph reveals why she chose to self-publish her first book, especially given her many connections to the traditional publishing industry. She also talks in detail about she handles rejection and negative reviews and her top tips for self-publishing newbies.

With about 20 years experience working for a daily newspaper, Steph currently works from home as a freelance journalist/editor. She lives in Perth, with her husband and three children.

In this episode you will hear:

  • Steph share her thoughts on the long-running chick lit debate and whether she believes the term is still relevant today.
  • The fascinating reason behind why she chose to self-publish, including her experiences with submitting to traditional publishers.
  • Her tips for self-publishing and self-promotion, including how not to freak out about your Amazon ranking. (Definitely worth listening to!)
  • Mentions of these self-publishing resources: Steve Scott, Chandler Bolt’s Self-Publishing School, Joanna Penn’s The Creative Penn and Orna Ross’s Alliance of Independent Authors.
  • Her do’s and don’ts when approaching book bloggers for reviews and interviews. You can find the Chicklit Club’s book review policy here.
  • What she is currently working on, including her first-ever non-fiction book, aimed at helping book bloggers create a brand, monetise their blog and build relationships with key publishing professionals. It’s slated for release in 2017 to coincide with the 10 year anniversary of Chicklit Club.

Also mentioned in this episode:

  • Vanessa and I touch on editing and how we feel about this phase in a book’s journey.
  • We discuss what the editing stage looks like when you’re self-editing your own work versus when you’re working with an editor on a structural and/or copy edit.
  • Our tips on how to help navigate this often daunting part of the process.


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