On editing with Dianne Blacklock

DiBlacklockquoteIf editing is consuming your world right now, then we urge you to take a break and listen to this cracker of an interview with Dianne Blacklock. With nearly 15 years in the book publishing industry, Dianne knows words (like really!) As a successful author in her own right, she now splits her time between writing and editing other people’s novels, including those of Susan Murphy and Tess Woods.

dianneblacklockcoverDianne Blacklock is the author of nine novels of commercial women’s fiction, published both in Australia and overseas. She recently contributed to the 2015 anthology Mothers and Others, and has written for the Daily and Sunday Life on women’s issues. She is also a busy freelance editor, with a focus on debut authors of women’s fiction and romance titles. She’s also besties with Liane Moriarty so we speak a little about her recent success, including Liane’s secret reading habits, and the newsletter she has with Liane and fellow author, Ber Carroll.

During our chat, Dianne covers off everything including how she first got her first book publishing contract (it’s a gem of a story!) to how and why she decided to take the plunge and become an editor. Her knowledge of the industry is vast and she offers a wealth of advice for anyone looking to get professionally edited or self-editing their own manuscripts.

We also touch on the unfair treatment female authors still face in regards to being reviewed by major publications in Australia. Sadly, this was backed up by the recent Stella Count, which revealed only 39.3% of female authors were reviewed across 13 publications last year despite making up 67% of the Aussie book market. Sigh. It’s a blockbuster of an episode but one worth listening to from start to finish!

itunes_logoDuring the episode, we mention this great blog post from Tess Woods on how to edit effectively and we also discuss Book Chat, the newsletter Dianne runs with Ber Carroll and Liane Moriarty. Sign up here!

This week, Vanessa also discusses her upcoming writer’s retreat to Tuscany. For more information, or to register your interest for any future retreats, visit: www.yourbeautifulwritinglife.com

You can connect with Di at her website, or on Facebook or Twitter.

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