Georgia Clark: An Aussie author in New York


This week, Georgia Clark joins us on the podcast from New York where she lives and works as author. Her latest novel, The Regulars, was released by Simon & Schuster in August 2016. Described as a saucy, sexy story that’s one part cautionary tale, one part social commentary, and one part screamingly hilarious comedy.

theregularscoverShe’s also the author of two young adult novels, Parched, and She’s With the Band. Her work has been translated into half a dozen languages. As a freelance writer, Georgia has written for Bust, Cosmo, Daily Life, InStyle and more. A native Sydneysider, Georgia lives in New York with her girlfriend and a fridge full of cheese.

During the episode, Georgia discusses her journey from being a freelance writer in Sydney to becoming a full-time author living in New York. She also talks about switching genres from YA to adult fiction, what inspired her to write The Regulars and her decision to hire a freelance publicist to help promote her book. You can read more about this decision here and on her blog. To find out more about the freelance editor Georgia uses, check out

Also in this week’s episode, Vanessa returns to the podcast via Skype from Italy, where she is has recently wrapped up her writers’ retreat. She gives an update on the rest of the retreat, including the valuable coaching sessions she offered the writers. Kim discusses how taking a step back from her work-in-progress and switching her mindset has helped her to refocus her energy.

itunes_logoFind out more about Georgia and connect with on social via her website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and Tumblr.

You can also order The Regulars here.

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