About Me

 Ah, yes the cringey ‘About Me’ page…

Hey, I’m Kimberley but most people call me Kim and you can too ‘cos that’s just how I like to roll. In an effort not to bore you senseless on the subject of moi (even though you clicked on this page so you must want to know a little bit more) here’s a few tidbits…

+ I am a born and bred Melbourne girl, who grew up in the South Eastern suburbs. Standard stuff really.

+ Growing up I was a pretty normal kid who rode ponies, which sounds posh but really wasn’t, and wrote… a lot. If my head wasn’t stuck in a book then I was madly scribbling stories, which were atrocious but I thought could easily give The Baby-Sitters Club and Sweet Valley High a run for their money #delusional

+ In 2006 I moved to London with a crazy dream of cracking the magazine biz. Instead, I wound up as a writer then editor of Catwalk Queen, a UK fashion blog (sadly, no longer) alongside its super talented creator and now my very dear friend, Gemma Cartwright. This included lots of lovely things like swanning around fashion shows trying not to stalk famous people or embarrass myself while interviewing designers, working with cool-girl brands like Topshop and River Island, queueing for hours to buy dresses by Kate Moss and rubbing accidental shoulders with the Duchess herself. Yep, my job was the tits.

+ Two years later the UK Immigration department rudely told me that my working visa was expiring and sent me back to Oz. [Okay not quite, but it was a load of bum].

+ Now I fill my days wordsmithin’ as a copywriter for a major Aussie brand, which I heart a lot. By night I’m usually tapping away at the keyboard hoping to make sweet wordy magic. Who knows? One day I might actually publish a novel, stranger things have happened.

+ When I’m not doing the above or being a word nerd on this here blog, you can find me banging on about things like reality television (usually of the housewife variety), my love of hot chips and cheese (not together, ew) and Taylor Swift’s general awesomeness on Twitter.

+ You can also find me chatting away each week with the lovely Vanessa Carnevale via the Your Creative Life podcast. A weekly podcast aimed at helping writers tap into their creativity and learn more about the publishing industry. Each week, we interview a different guest to talk about their writing (or writing related) life and discuss our own writing journeys. Previous guests have included local and international bestselling authors including Natalie Goldberg, Jennifer Robson, Alison Tait, Josephine Moon, Natasha Lester, and publishing professionals from Random House Australia. You can tune in each week here.

If you’d like to drop me a line, knock yourself out at kimberley.foster[at]gmail.com

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